Prepare For Your First Visit

02-minYour first visit at Alderwood Family Dental will typically take 2 hours from start to finish. We dedicate this time to introduce you to our practice and take a comprehensive approach to your oral health needs. Before your arrival we would have asked you to fill out all necessary paperwork including your medical and dental history. We offer this online so when you come to your scheduled appointment you can be seen right away.

Once seated we will go through a series of lower radiation digital x-rays (compared to film x-rays) and diagnostic tests such as an oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) assessment and laser cavity scans that can detect cavities much quicker than before. We offer complete transparency with our treatment recommendations. We do this by taking photos of your teeth so you can see exactly what the doctor sees. We set aside ample time for proper education of dental needs and time for Q&A with your doctor. This is the most important part of your visit as you’ll get a complete understanding of your current oral health and recommendations for improvement.

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04-minOnce your consultation with Dr. Rob is completed, you will be escorted to a private consult room to discuss your insurance benefits as well as discuss any financial arrangements necessary to complete your recommended dental treatment.

Our goal is to always offer same day treatment to all of our patients. Whether you’re trying to get a regular cleaning, fillings, or a new crown, we will always strive to offer it on the same day.